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FBR's directions to condone procedural lapse occured by Kinnow Exporters

29 Jun 2015

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has allowed exporters of kinnow to obtain condonation orders from the respective regulatory Collectors, on non-feeding / non-debiting the quota in Web-Based One Customs clearance system (WeBOC) of exports since 2010 under DTRE regime as a special case.

The matter of non-feeding/non-debiting the Duty and Tax Remission of Export Scheme (DTRE) quota was pending since the establishment of WeBOC system in context of non-implementation of 5% random examination of referred cargo of Kino export vide FBR letter C.No 5 (25) EP/01.Pt.II. Misc. 201609 dated 29.02.2008 followed by another letter C.No 5 (25)/EP/2001-Misc-1643 dated 03.01.2013, into WeBOC system. 

The FBR has accepted stance of the kinnow Exporters to condone all the procedural lapses in context of non-debiting/non-feeding the exports under DTRE scheme since 2010. The FBR has issued instructions to the Collectors of MCCs Exports/Port Qasim (Exports), Karachi/Faisalabad. Referred to Collector MCC Exports Karachi, Collector MCC Exports Port Qasim Karachi and Collector Faisalabad, the FBR has issued instructions to the Collectors of Customs. 

In order to mitigate hardships being faced by exporters of Kinnow under the DTRE scheme, Board has ruled that erstwhile cases of non-feeding / non-debiting of quota by DTRE units of kinnow in WeBOC system since 2010 will be decided in accordance with para 3(g) of SRO.886 (I)/2012 dated July 18, 2012. Regulatory Collectorates are, therefore, advised to decide the issue in the light of para 3(g) of cited SRO and pass appropriate condonation orders, in case of subject procedural omissions, the FBR added.