Mr. Masood Aziz

Mr. Masood Aziz, Chief Consultant, took voluntary retirement from the Federal Government in October 1999, after putting in 25 years of public service. He held key positions in the Central Board of Revenue (CBR) and field formations. He worked as Collector of Customs (Appraisement), Custom House, Karachi, Collector of Customs (Preventive), Karachi, Chief (Customs Tariff), CBR, Secretary (Customs) CBR and Second Secretary (Duty Drawbacks). He was closely associated with policy formulation and its implementation in the area of indirect taxes. He has extensive hands-on experience in Customs Tariff matters, valuation and classification of goods and quasi-judicial proceedings.

He remained actively associated with the formulation of standardized duty drawback scheme in the early 1980's. He has also worked as consultant to the Task Force on Tax Administration set up by the Government of Pakistan. The consultancy assignment included comprehensive study of Customs Business Processes and the interface between Tax Payers and Tax Administration (Custom). The Government of Pakistan approved the recommendation of the Task Force for preparing a detailed implementation plan.

He also served on the Advisory Panel of Federal Tax Ombudsman (F.T.O.) in the year 2003-04 which was set up to pinpoint irritants being faced by the taxpayers w.r.t. Customs and Sales Tax law and to formulate recommendations to avoid / mitigate them. In 2004 he undertook an UNCTAD project on Pakistan Trade and Transport Facilitation to analyze the processes that are involved in exporting goods from Pakistan.

He participated as a nominee of CBR in numerous international seminars and workshops on such diverse subjects as Intellectual Property Rights, WTO Agreement, classification and valuation of goods etc. sponsored by international organizations viz. WCO, WIPO, US Aid and Government of Australia. During 2013-14 he undertook a project on Provincial Tax Administration sponsored by World Bank, which comprised the analysis of Provincial Taxes in Sindh and Balochistan.

He is registered on the Roll of Sindh Bar Council as Advocate High Court.

Advocate Parvez Iqbal Kasi

Mr. Parvez Iqbal took voluntary retirement in March 2001 after serving as a civil servant for 25 years. He held important positions in CBR and field formations. He worked as Collector of Customs, Chief (Sales Tax), Secretary Customs, Secretary Sales Tax, Second Secretary, Sales Tax and Director Customs Intelligence and Investigations. He too was closely associated with the policy formulation and its implementation in the area of indirect taxes. He has extensive experience in Customs Tariff matters, valuation and classification of goods and quasi-judicial proceedings.

He attended a comprehensive course in Tax-Administration at the Institute for Tax-Administration, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA. The course included study of automated tax systems, clearance of goods on selectivity criteria and audit procedures.

He also received specialized training on sales tax at Jakarta, Indonesia, which included a comparative study of the sales tax system of other countries.

He holds a degree of LLB and is enrolled as an Advocate High Court.

Advocate Ch. Muhammad Rafiq

Mr. Rafiq has served as Chief Law Officer, Collectorate of Customs (Preventive) for several years and retired in 1998. He has rich practical experience of dealing with Court cases involving disputed matters of Customs law. He joined Masood Aziz & Associates in the year 2000. He is LLM qualified and registered at Sindh Bar Council as an Advocate High Court.

Mr. Javed Iqbal Butt

Mr. Javed Iqbal Butt joined Custom House Karachi as Chemical Appraiser after completion of his Masters Degree in Chemistry from Punjab University, Pakistan. He has a vast experience of classification of goods (particularly chemicals and chemical preparations). During his tenure as Principal Appraiser, Assistant / Deputy Collector in Appraisement Collectorate he actively remained associated with the Classification Centre of the Appraisement Collectorate to resolve classification disputes arose in Customs Collectorates all over Pakistan. He has a vast hands-on experience of assessments of imported goods and quasi-judicial proceedings.

He handled legal matters of the Appraisement Collectorate for over five years. He retired from Government service as Deputy Collector during 2008. Thereafter, he served Pakistan Revenue Automation Limited (PRAL) as Customs Consultant for over five years before joining this Organization.

Advocate Nasir Ahmad Malik

He is C.A (foundation) and has completed his articles from M/s Qavi& Company, Chartered Accountants in 1999. Prior to joining Masood Aziz & Associates in 2001, Mr. Malik worked with M/s Muhammad Farooq & Company, Chartered Accountants, Karachi, for a period of two years and handled matters relating to preparation & filing of income tax returns, finalization of assessments and appeal matters with the Commissioner of Income Tax (Appeals) and Income Tax Appellate Tribunal.

He is LLB qualified and enrolled as Advocate High Court in the Roll of Sindh Bar Council. At Masood Aziz & Associates Mr. Malik handles matters relating to Customs, Sales Tax and Federal Excise. He has been successfully handling disputed matters at the administrative, judicial and quasi-judicial fora viz. Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO), Appellate Tribunals, Collectorate/ Commissionerate of Appeals, Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) and Sindh High Court.

Advocate Muhammad Younus Rao

Mr. Younus is an M.A. (Eco.), ACMA One-Year PGD Qualified and is registered on the Roll of Sindh Bar Council as an Advocate. He assists in matters relating to Customs and Trade Policy. He specializes in drafting replies to Show-Cause Notices as well as Appeals against the orders passed by the Customs adjudicating authorities. He has been successfully handling disputed matters at the quasi-judicial fora viz. Customs (Adjudication), Collectorate of Customs (Appeals) and Customs Appellate Tribunal. He partakes as Chief Coordinator in seminars / workshops organized by the firm from time to time.

Advocate Muhammad Faheem

Mr. Muhammad Faheem holds B.Com, M.A (Economics) and L.L.B degrees from University of Karachi. He bears eight years experience of working at leading position in finance department of both multinational and national companies like Daily Frontline, Granton Marketing Pakistan and Zainab Ltd. (Zainab Duty Free). He got registered as an Advocate Lower Courts in 2013 and Advocate High Court in the year 2015. He has been practicing law as a Corporate Advocate with MAA and has been successfully handling disputed matters at the Collectorates of Customs, Customs Appellate Tribunal and the High Court of Sindh. Besides, he has also been handling matters pertaining to property, family law, civil disputes and criminal trial / bail.

Mr. Farhat Hussain

Mr. Hussain bears a degree of B.Com and B.B.A. and presently pursuing his LLB degree. He has a hands-on knowledge of working in textile sector for more than eight years. He is an expert in conducting Sales Tax audit of the registered persons. He efficiently handles all the financial matters of the firm. Besides, he also assists the field Consultants / Advocates at Collectorates, Appellate Tribunals and High Court of Sindh.